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With over 25 years of working for a Fortune 500 company, I have seen it all and I know the importance of employees using their voices.

When employees remain silent, corporations suffer a domino effect of pain. Disengaged and unheard employees become underperformers, leading to lost revenue and missed goals for both managers and the company. Feeling unseen and undervalued, they become less invested, increasing absenteeism, turnover, and recruitment costs. This strains existing managers, creating a vicious cycle. Valuable knowledge walks out the door when employees jump ship to competitors. Ultimately, a culture of silence breeds disconnection and misalignment, leading to low morale, "minimum effort" work, and stunted company growth. The choice is clear: empower employees to use their voice, or risk a cascade of negative consequences.

The Cost of Silence: How Employee Voices Fuel Success

In my journey as a life and leadership coach, I've witnessed the transformation that occurs when strong leaders take the time to nurture their team members into future leaders. It's not just about tasks and deadlines; it's about creating an environment where everyone's voice is not only heard but valued. This is important because leadership is not about standing alone at the top; it's about creating a culture where each voice contributes to the success of the company.

So, how does grooming employees to become leaders tie into finding your voice? It’s simple yet profound. When leaders invest in the growth of their team, they empower individuals to speak up, share ideas, and take on leadership roles themselves. It's a ripple effect of empowerment that extends beyond the workplace and into every facet of life. 


Are you ready to watch your employees come to life?

The Voice Blueprint for Business

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What Clients are Saying

 Renee taught some classes that I attended to update my job skills, and she always left me feeling like I could accomplish my goals. She’s a very powerful speaker and has a kindness and compassion not often found these days. I believe Renee’s classes were always full because her leadership skills were very motivating and always enjoyable. Whether coaching, speaking, mentoring or motivating, Renee will far exceed any of your expectations.

-Sandy Cook Hampton

What Clients are Saying

Renee is a dedicated speaker who is passionate about helping others discover their own voice. That means their physical voice and their voice in the world. She shows people how they can use their voice to help themselves take their careers to the next level and how they too can help others. Because of what she's gone through and accomplished, she is imminently qualified to help you. Contact Renee. You may think, well I speak, I know my voice, but I promise you that whatever your level of expertise and experience, Renee can add extra value to you. Let her. Reach out to her today. You will be glad you did.

-Rex Sikes​

What Clients are Saying

Co-teaching with Renee has been such a valuable experience for me. She comes to every class with a high level of energy, passion, and knowledge of her subject. She is fully present in the room and focused on the needs of the workshop participants. I grow as an instructor through her example and know she will be an asset to the next organization she joins. 

-Paula Thompson

What Clients are Saying

Renee, is a passionate speaker who supports people in finding their own voice. What I love most is that she literally did lose her voice and had to find it. Which only adds to the passion that she brings on the journey. Supporting others to use their most powerful tool, their voice. Her V.O.I.C.E. Blueprint is tailored made to support women who want to feel their self worth and take their trust in themselves to another level.

-Clifford Starks

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