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Finding Your Voice

Sharing our voices and empowering

others to find theirs


Do you have a message you want to share? We'd love to have you contribute to FYV magazine with an article or ad. 

Articles should be no more than 700 words and leave the reader feeling inspired, adding value and making them feel better for having read yours.

Want more? Become a VIP! 
Read below for your opportunity.

1/2 Page Ad

Full Page Ad

Beach at Sunset

Become a VIP Member

Enjoy all of the perks of being VIP

Featured Spotlight

Join us for an exclusive interview within the group! Share your story, your passions, and what makes you unique. Let's celebrate YOU!

Monthly Mastermind Sessions

Gain access to our Monthly Mastermind sessions—an invaluable opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together with like-hearted entrepreneurs.

Showcase Your Expertise

Contribute to our Quarterly Magazine! You have the opportunity to grace the cover, write an article up to 1500 words, AND receive a full-page ad to spotlight your business!

Go Live in the Group

Take center stage! Share your insights, tips, and inspirations with our engaged community through live sessions.

Summit Participation

You'll have a VIP pass to our exclusive summit—an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and elevate your presence on a global stage.

Seize this chance to elevate your profile, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and take your journey to the next level. We would be honored to have YOU as part of this exclusive group.

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