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Ten Steps to Finding Your Voice

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This is not just an e- book—it's a tool for people like you ready to embrace their true selves and live life on their own terms. Are you ready to unlock the power of your voice?

Find a cozy quiet place and let's get started on this journey! 

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The Finding Your Voice  Facebook Group was originally created to help launch my book; Finding Your Voice: Unlock Your Chains and Unleash Your Greatness. I physically lost my voice to an illness in 2013. For almost four months I was unable to speak and had no contact with the public. It took close to a year to fully regain it. I believe the reason I recovered was to pay it forward and help others. This is my purpose and my mission. 

Whether you're struggling to assert yourself in the workplace, find your voice in personal relationships, or simply feel more confident expressing your needs and desires, this community is a valuable resource. Surrounded by individuals who understand your struggles because they struggle too, you will be supported, encouraged, and inspired!

If you know of someone who will benefit from this group, please invite them and let them know they have come to the right place. I look forward to sharing our voices together.

Connecting with others is how we build relationships. Whether business or personal it all starts with YOU. 
Let's lift each other up and share our voices together.

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