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Finding Your Voice


Your Inner Voice Coach

The VOICE Blueprint

 Hi! I’m Renee Reisch, a women’s life and leadership coach. Using my unique VOICE Blueprint, I guide you on a transformative journey from vulnerability to empowerment unlocking your full potential. I believe in more than just coaching; this is an immersive experience. 


As an Inner Voice Coach, I play a crucial role in guiding individuals, particularly women, on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and confidence. My work revolves around helping clients tap into their inner voice, cultivate self-awareness, and break free from the limitations that hold them back from living and working authentically.

The VOICE Blueprint isn't just about personal growth; it's a powerful tool for businesses worldwide. By implementing this program, companies can harness the full potential of their workforce, creating a culture of innovation, resilience, and success.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment?


Take the first step towards a brighter future today. Let's connect and start transforming your life from within.

Welcome to your journey of empowerment. Welcome to Finding Your Voice.

We become complacent in the knowing. It is the fear of the unknown that keeps us stuck.

Renee Reisch

Vulnerability to Empowerment Journey

The VOICE Blueprint is a transformative roadmap designed to guide you from vulnerability to empowerment on the journey of finding your authentic voice. Rooted in principles of self-discovery, confidence-building, and personal growth, this blueprint provides practical strategies and tools to help you overcome self-limiting beliefs, speak your truth, and embrace your unique identity. Through a combination of coaching, reflection, and action, The VOICE Blueprint empowers you to unleash your full potential and live a life aligned with your values and aspirations.

Through tailored strategies and support using the VOICE Blueprint, I guide you in building confidence and boosting your self-esteem so you can embrace your voice and pursue your aspirations. Within you lies the potential, enhanced by the tools you've been given, to recognize and appreciate your inherent value.

Building Confidence and Courage

During our coaching, I guide you in setting and maintaining healthy boundaries which is a crucial aspect of personal and professional empowerment. This includes teaching you how to prioritize your own well-being without feeling guilty or fearing negative reactions from others.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

The VOICE Blueprint for business strengthens leaders allowing them to become more effective and efficient. My program, which utilizes the Six Sigma Methodologies, develops your employees into engaged, responsive team members who have a sense of ownership and belonging in your organization.

From Employees to Leaders

It's time to find your voice!

Why wait any longer? Let's overcome your fears and break the chains that are holding you back! 

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Using personal transformation
to inspire others

Renee's Journey

As someone who is passionate about helping women like you find their voice, I want to take a moment to share a personal story that inspired my mission. In 2013 I went through a period in life where I literally lost my voice; doctors didn’t know if I would ever speak again! Years later, I realized it wasn't just about the physical act of speaking, but how I was feeling on the inside. I was hesitant to speak up, always second-guessing myself, and constantly seeking validation from others.


Years later, I realized that my struggles with speaking up, setting boundaries, and embracing my imperfections were shared by many other women. Fear of judgment, the desire for external validation, and not wanting to “rock the boat,” were common threads. Out of this experience, I created the VOICE Blueprint - a roadmap that guided me and countless others from vulnerability to empowerment. This blueprint is not just a set of steps; it's a reflection of my own evolution, a journey that led me to rediscover my voice, embrace my imperfections, and stand confidently in my truth.

Success Stories

Sandra Hampton

Renee is a rockstar at what she does! She’s a natural speaker and teacher, and keeps our classes interesting and fun. Renee’s energy is always positive and uplifting so I find myself leaving her classes feeling motivated and inspired.

I can say that having Renee work for your team will bring that motivation to those she comes in contact with, and she’s going to accomplish whatever she strives to achieve!

Mashah Ysrael 

Let me tell you about Renee! She's the most amazing person to ever come into my life. While working with Renee she's been so patient with me but has also held me accountable, which is something that I think we all need. Growing up I didn't feel too confident in myself, and in return, I built toxic relationships and habits, but NO MORE! Renee has shown me that I can find confidence in myself, use my voice for good, and use my voice to bring peace. Thank you so much Renee for always pouring into me, I'm so blessed to not only find my voice but to have a new lifelong friend!

Holly Wagner

Renee is passionate about helping YOU find your voice. At first I wasn't sure what that meant. I now know that I have a voice that I need to share with others. I do not need to be fearful about what I need or want to say or what I feel I need to offer the world. Renee has helped me become more confident in sharing my knowledge about my expertise. She has a true desire to help YOU do this also! Reach out to her - you will be glad you did.

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